Frequently Asked Questions.

01What does a ‘Smart Home’ mean?

A smart home refers to a home that is outfitted using devices that can be easily controlled over internet connection on a smartphone, tablet or a desktop.

02What are advantages of home automation?

The advantages of home automation include safety, savings, control, convenience and comfort.

03Is WiFi required at home?

WiFi is required at home for WiFi smart home hub. The GSM hub can be operated using SIM card comprising of data.

04Is the app free?

The app comes absolutely free.

05Which mobile platforms does the app support?

The app is supported on both Android and iOS platforms.

06Is installation free?

Installation along with configuration is completely free

07How many users are able to operate the devices?

There is no restriction on the amount of users operating devices

08Is there a parental control option in the app?


09What will happen if we change homes?

We will help you relocate devices, however chargeable.

10What is the warranty/return policy?

Return Policy: We offer return policy within a period of 15 days of purchase. Users need to pack Cairos product in original packaging that includes all accessories along with documentation. We further reserve all right to charge in case of any damage caused to the products. You will also be responsible for charges incurred during return shipping.
Warranty Policy: We provide a warranty of a year period for any manufacturing defect. Additionally, we also provide a replacement incase of any defect. The warranty does not apply to cosmetic damage or any damage caused due to accident, abuse, flood, fire, water or similar natural causes.

11Is your app compatible with virtual assistants?

Yes, with Siri, Amazon echo and Google.

12Where can we buy your products?

You can get in touch with us online through our website, or contact at 09582964545

13Is Home centre required?

We have 2 product range. One if based on HTTP communication which is standard product for which you will not need home centre however our advance product which works on MQTT protocol (Fastest communication protocol) for which you would need a home centre. Alternatively if you wish to intrgrate Amazon Eco, Siri or Google Assist, you would need to buy our Home Centre along with other devices.

14Is my data secured?

Yes. We do not have access to any data as your data has 128 bit encryption and only for service mode, we ask you to enter password known only to you to diagnose the problem.

15Am I able top control my devices if my house does not have ineternet?

Yes. Using our hoe centre you can control all your devices without having internet connection.

16What is RGB Controller?

RGB stands for Reb, Blue and Green which are base colours. If you install RGB controller in your house, you can change the colour of your house based on your mood. If you like your room to have blue colour, you can simply choose blue using your mobile phone and blue lights will be on.

17How can I control temperature of my AC?

To control temperature in your room, we can install a climate control through which you are able to set desired temperature for your room.

18What is an intrurder alarm?

An intruder alarm is a security device which acts like a watch dog in your absence. Once you istall intrudr alarm and activate it, incase there is any illegal entry on your house, you will be instantly notified of an intrusion.