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Cost Effective .

By creating smart spaces that are economically viable, we understand your budget and deliver solutions.


Time efficient .

Our automation solutions save time while achieving maximum productivity that helps individuals organize their timeline better.



Creating smarter homes brings about improved convenience and comfort just at the flicker of a touch.

Know a little more about us

Cairos Smart Homes is a one stop solution in Smart Automation along with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Hospitals, Enterprises, Hotels, Homes, warehouses and senior living. Our solutions offer energy efficiency that enables minimum wastage. Cairos Smart Homes, a subsidy of JARS Services Pvt Ltd, bestows you with an automated smart opportunity to thrive in the future. The integrated home automated solution enables a user to turn any ordinary space into a smart one. An ISO 9001: 2005 certified Technology Company; it promises to turn lives into extraordinary.

Who we are

Cairos Smart Homes comes with unique smart solutions for security, lighting along with various other requirements of wireless automation. The solutions are deployed in wired, wireless and hybrid formats, providing convenience and flexibility to spaces and individuals. Cairos mobile application is MQTT imbibed and lets a user control all facets of each space with just the flicker of a touch, from anywhere in the world. The products are aimed at making smart yet IoT enabled homes for convenience, security, surveillance, conservation, centralization and management.

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One single touch is all it takes

Our solutions allow you to control all devices/appliances of your home in one single touch with the help of a smartphone. We provide you the ease to navigate locally/globally.

MQTT imbibed

Cairos mobile application is MQTT imbibed that lets a user control all facets of each space with just the flicker of a touch, from anywhere in the world.

Make in India scheme

All products are ‘Made in India’ under ‘Make in India’ scheme and have been especially customized for Indian homes and scenarios.


Our solutions master the perfect combination of aesthetics combined with state-of-the-art technology with a motive to deliver nothing but the best.